A neighbour had asked if I could build him a tree house ,something similar to what id built my daughter last summer .


Unfortunately after inspecting the trees in his garden there wasn’t anything really suitable for a full blown tree house . So we decided to go ahead any way and locate the structure next to his flowering cherry tree .


As you can see from the above pic’ the cherry tree is an ornamental small tree and the laurel hedge behind has totally over grown the border. Once cut back and cleared this would be a perfect place for a wooden elevated deck .Heres a pic of the clients drawing which I used as the basic theme .


I searched local salvage yards for suitable timber , macc’ demolition came up trumps with English oak beams recycled out old farm buildings . The prep work to deworm/defungi and rid the beams of old rusty nails ,sand and wax up took weeks of hard work .


Once all the timber was actually in the back garden it took 5 days to finish .

IMG_0998 2

the view from the deck of the garden was cool , client and there daughter were over the moon !