The First job was to clean decking after this the garden hadn’t been touched for twenty years and was in need of clearing. There was a line of conifers in the middle of garden tidy   the lawn which had to come out. The garden was positioned at the top of a hill and there weren’t any levels in the garden.

The customer asked for the lower half of garden to be graded level and turfed. With the top terrace to be retained with oak sleepers .

IMG_1166 IMG_1178

The first week was taken up by clearing conifer hedges and removing all the unwanted trees and shrubs.

land drain  soak away prep for turfing . Oak sleeper retaining wall

As the landscaping progressed and the type of soil we were going to be dealing with was clay the only way to prevent the lower lawn from being constantly waterlogged was to install a french (herring bone land) drain leading to a large soak away pit .